When you hire Madison Radon Testing, LLC to do your radon test, you will get quick and reliable results. We are not affiliated with any radon mitigation businesses, so you will receive an independent and unbiased assessment. We conduct radon tests for real estate sales, homeowners, home inspectors, realtors, businesses, and schools.


We will set up a continuous radon monitor in the lowest livable level of your home (typically the basement). The small machine continuously measures the amount of radon in the air. Our monitors also have anti-tampering features, so you can rest assured your results are accurate.


The radon monitor will collect data for 2 to 4 days. After we pick up the radon monitor, we will analyze your test's data. That same day, we will email you the data from the radon monitor (with hourly measurements) and your official radon measurement report.


Our Sun Nuclear continuous radon monitor (model 1027) is about the size of a box of crackers.